Sunday, September 25, 2011

And the baby is...

   So we went to go do our appointment on the Autumn Equinox and let me just say, I had to drink 32 oz an hour before the appointment and seriously right after I took a few sips, I had to GO! I couldn't though! So we get there and I don't have to wait way too long, but they finally have me come in and they do my ultra sound. My husband, mom, mother-in-law, and grandmother-in-law were all there. The lady looked around and started measuring every thing which made me have to go even more and then she goes to look at his parts and his legs were closed! So the nurse went on looking at every thing else that they needed too and came back and his legs were still in the way. Finally he starts moving and the FIRE ALARM goes off! So we clean off my belly and head out where the lady at the front desk says that it is just a test and that the people doing the test didn't tell any one. So we head back in and get all ready again and look some more and seriously like a minute or two after we started checking he decided to show us his parts! After that he was very open with showing us! So if you haven't realized I have been calling the baby a he and that is exactly what he is <3 We are thinking about naming him Auron (Are on) Taylor. Taylor being my Grandfather-in-laws last name.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Dancing on the line

   Merry meet every one! So I know I am not totally out of the broom closet yet, more like one foot in and one out, but I make it pretty obvious to those in my family who do not know. There are only 2 other people that I really care to tell and so many times I have wanted to say some thing to them about it, but I know it will just end up in an argument and I think it would hurt them because of their beliefs and what they believe happens after death.
   I have already written out a letter for them to read for when ever I feel ready, but right now I really feel content to just make it obvious and see where it goes from there, the obviousness is a new step forward. I've even made an album on my facebook called broom closet and I comment and follow pagan pages all the time. So I guess we'll just see what happens!

   On another note my 22nd birthday was on the 22nd of August (woohoo!) my favorite number is 2, so hopefully this will be a great year! So far it is and I think it will get even greater once the baby is here! We will get to find out the gender on Sep 23rd! Hopefully the baby cooperates and lets us see!

Hope all is well with every one! Merry Part )O(


Oh and PS, look at this CUTE drawing my mom had done for Petunia Mae and me!