Thursday, July 28, 2011

Punkin's Pride Petunia Mae

   On tuesday my family and I had a hard loss, our dog, she was my very first, I had gotten her for my 10th birthday, but she was born the Father's Day a couple months before from my mom's dog Punkin. Well... we had to put her down because her heart was enlarging and pressing on her lungs which in turn made her lungs fill with fluids and cause her to get pneumonia. The vet said if we didn't lie her body to rest that he believed less then a month she would drown in her own fluids. So we did the hardest thing I think any of us has ever done and we let her go. I always hoped I would never have to come a crossed this choice in life, but having pets makes it rather inevitable some times.

   It is really hard for me because one of my main beliefs is, who has the right to choose when some one (being any living creature) dies? I don't feel that mankind especially should be able to make this choice, but yet we had to for our beloved family and friend, my first baby. I just hope she can forgive us for the choice we had to make and I hope she is happy some where with both her eyes and her mommy and that they are both happy.

   Here is a video I put together of her with some pictures that I was able to find: