Friday, June 17, 2011


  Yesterday and today I feel a lot more myself then I have in the past week or so. I don't know why, maybe it was just because I had found out I was pregnant and my mind was like eat! I was eating a lot and I felt really gross. I am back on track more now. I am still eating slightly more than I was because I wasn't eating a lot before I found out I was pregnant. I am feeling nauseous some times, but so far nothing has come up.

  I had my first baby doctors appointment the other day though it was more of an unpleasant woman check up. I hate those, but they are necessary I suppose! I have my next appointment on the 29th and I think that is when they will tell me about exactly how far along I am and I think we may be able to listen to the heartbeat! I cannot wait!


Sunday, June 12, 2011

A lot Going on!

   So today is my husband's 25th birthday! So we will being celebrating that again today!

 On another note, I took my third pregnancy test this morning and again got a positive, so I am thinking that yeah, I am pregnant! I am so excited we've been trying for about 4 months and every month I always thought I was so I got my hopes up. Then I did a tarot reading one night, the Celtic Cross and because I actually felt pregnant (I was experiencing unfamiliar aches) my question was, "Am I pregnant?" Well I got a lot of cards with number meanings. I used my little book that came with it since I am still learning those ones.

 One of the cards mentioned something about something taking 4 months to happen and then my 6th card which links to the outcome card was guardianship and then I had a card that said that I would have what I was working for now or within 2 weeks. My out come card though was the lady bug, which meant wish fulfilled and it said that the lady bug's adulthood life is any where from 9 months to a year and a half.

 So I talked to my mother-in-law who is really good at reading cards and told her what I had read, she told me to take a test in the morning and so I did and it was a positive, the sign was really light though so I wasn't sure if I was or not. I ended up going to the doctors to get my blood drawn, but it wont be in until tomorrow. So my mother-in-law told my sister-in-law, who is staying the weekend with us for fun, that since she owed her some money, to buy me one of the good preg. tests that actually say YES or NO or PREGNANT or NOT PREGNANT. So I took one yesterday during the day and it said Yes+ and then I took one this morning and it said Yes+. So I am thinking I am pregnant!

 Also today is my Nana and Papa's 50 year anniversary! So happy Anniversary to them!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


   I am going with my husband and some of our friends and family to laser tag tomorrow for a celebration of my husband's birthday! His birthday is really the 12th, but since he has two days off and tomorrow is his first one we are going to go do that. He wanted to either go to a water park that was about an hour away or laser tag, which is probably also an hour away since we live not quite on the farm lands, but not quite in the main cities either, though this is really starting to build into one, which is kind of unfortunate for the fact of all the plants and everything that are getting ripped out and every thing.

   I have been reading the Natural Witchery book by Ellen Dugan and I really, really like it! I love her writing so far and right now she is my favorite, though I have only read two of her books. There is also another book I just ordered for my kindle tonight on hedge witchery and how to incorporate magic more in your every day life, people have given it really good ratings and it sounds like it will be really good.

Light and Blessings )O(

~Faeries Wheel☼

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Just an Update

   So I uploaded a new video to my youtube channel FaeriesWheel. One thing I was going to talk about in this vlog is how I used to be terrified of spiders. Don't get me wrong, I am still scared of them, but just seeing them used to freak me out and it doesn't so much any more. Cockroaches are a different story! Same with those mosquito eaters, because it seems like those and every other flying bugs but butterflies and lady bugs, like to fly right at you and not just right at you, at your face!

  Also another thing I talk about is how I am not fully out of the broom closet. I feel like once I tell my dad and step-mom that I will be comfortably out and that will be good for me. There have been many a times that I felt ready to, but I have not followed up on them. I don't want to just text it to them and be like "oh, by the way..". You know? Though I don't feel like I have the guts to say it to their faces yet either, especially since I am one of those people who get all tongue tied when I try to explain myself, I hate that!

)O( Blessings!

~Faeries Wheel☼

Saturday, June 4, 2011


   Hey every one. I just wanted to talk about something...
I know people have their own ways to find their Deities, but I am trying to figure out if maybe one is reaching out to me.

When I first started practicing I read the book To Ride a Silver Broomstick by Silver RavenWolf in a section she talks about Gods and Goddesses. Well right away I felt a connection with the name Selene; the Greek moon Goddess. Her name comes into my head often and now every time I look at the moon it seems like I see an S shape inside when it is fuller.

 Also there is another time with a different Goddess. The Hindu Goddess Lakshmi's name came randomly to my head while I was halfway asleep one morning, though it has never really came back to me. I had been watching a video on youtube about her I think a couple days before this had happened, so I am wondering if it is because of that or if I am being called for something. Not sure though!

If any one sees this blog, give me your input! Thanks!
)O( Blessings!

~Faeries Wheel☼


   Hello everyone and welcome to my new blog page. I am Faeries Wheel from youtube. I am going to be posting all sorts of things on here that perhaps have a lot to do with my videos on youtube, or not. There may be times that I don't really quite feel like making a video about certain things so it will more than likely end up on here. Hope you all are having a great week!

Blessings! )O( 

-Faeries Wheel☼