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Friday, September 14, 2012

Gods and Goddesses

   I have been trying to connect to a certain god and goddess for a while now, trying to find my matron and patron, but I have not ever been sure if they were speaking to me or not. There was one time that I really probably should have followed what I had been indirectly told in a dream I had once.

   In this dream I was with a devotee to Guanyin (the female version or at least I assume it was) a bunch of crazy stuff happened in the dream, though  I don't remember most of it now. Well in the end we asked Guanyin to help us defeat the challenge we had been up against and she did so the devotee decided to fast for one full day. I woke up and went about my day as normal and then not long later, I thought... was this a sign that I was supposed to fast for the day? It had been too late by then as I already had some things and I had also thought that I could be prego and didn't want to hurt the baby if I was. I haven't had a dream of Guanyin since.

   There was only one other dream I had that mention a deity that I recall and that was a really kind of screwed up dream and there was my mother-in-laws chihuahua severely hurt and some one asked me to call upon Bast for help, which is odd since she is a feline goddess.

   Any ways, since I just don't know how to take signs unless they are slapping me in the face, for now I will just work with THE 3 aspects of the God and the 3 of the Goddess, who are, to me, in the end the whole of all the many faces and names of all deities. I don't know if I worded that right, but I am sure you get what I meant.

Have a great day and a lovely weekend all!


Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Here I am

   I have been in some what of a funk lately. I haven't wanted to keep up with housework, though forcefully I do. I have been so exhausted and I don't understand why that is when I used to sleep the same way before I ever got pregnant and baby Andrew sleeps fully through the night. I have been trying really hard to be better though. I was even kind of being a grumpy bitch to some people and it seemed like I had gotten annoyed really easily.

   I would have spouts where I would feel a little bit better and want to get stuff done then I would go back to that BLAHness. Though lately, I think I have been doing a lot better. I have been trying to think things through a little bit more when I get angry or annoyed. I try to see things more from their perspective. Which can be a little bit hard, because I used to be one of those people who just let every one get away with every thing, because I would think, oh... how would they feel? That's great and all, but when you constantly do that and neglect your own feelings, that really sucks. So I really don't want to go back to that and I really am trying to balance things out a bit more.

   So... I got the new tarot deck by Ellen Dugan (so far my FAV witchy author!) and I have been drawing one card a day for myself to reflect on and I really love those cards and feel really connected to them so that has helped a ton, that inner reflection and trying to find myself I guess you could say. I also just decided that it would really help me feel better if I could decorate the house a little more. Nothing makes you want to keep a house nice and sparkly clean like a house turning into a home and making it "your own". I've been really wanting to paint and garden and do all sorts of things with our home, but it is hard when it is a renters house. So I am just trying to find my own way to uplift my spirits a little more.

   My mom gave me this adorable teal night stand for my birthday that hangs out in the corner near my computer and my sewing/ craft table so I can look at it every day. I had it over by the door of our room, but it was just kind of in a weird spot so I decided to figure out a way to get it in the East,  it will also serve as a little altar that I can run up and down the stairs with me to go outside or what not. So I moved a little storage stand to the opposite side of my craft table and put my little "shabby chic" altar stand in it's place and man has it brightened up the room! I also put a little decorative clock my aunt gave me above it and I just can't believe how much more life this little table and clock brought in! So I am going to really work on brightening up the house a lot more, I decided after I finish this monster afghan that I started like 3 years ago and it has been twirled up in the closet corner for ev, I am going to start making decorative little ones to throw over the couch and what ever else. Hey maybe I can make an altar cloth even! Hmmm... the possibilities... You know, I really aughta keep up with writing in these blogs, because it really is making me feel better to share this, even though I have no idea how many people may even read any of it! Still feels good!

   So on a WHOLE different note, my son is already sitting up, crawling and being absolutely adorable I can barely even stand it and he is going to be 7 months on the 16th! Oh how time flies... OH and when I mention the stuff above, that does NOT make me love my child any less. As a matter of fact growing up I decided I never wanted to go through the pain of having a child (labor) then all of a sudden I just knew I wanted to have a baby with my husband. I dreamed about having a miniature Carl (my husband) and watching them grow up and just so many things. Then we decided that we wanted to get pregnant, a couple months and a lot of false hope and negative tests later  I got pregnant! I am not going to lie I freaked out a little bit, the full impact hit me. Holy crap, I am going to have a baby! Then the fear of the pain hit. I am very intolerable to pain so through out the whole pregnancy I worried and feared the pains of childbirth and when it came, I handled it well, but I am sorry and I know a lot of people are against this, but I got the epidural and I WILL do it again given the chance, that thing helped me keep it together and I most definitely will choose to have another child, which is what I was getting at. Through out the whole pregnancy, because of this fear of the labor pain I had really been pondering whether I even wanted to go through that again, the fear had me freaked out, but as time passed I kind of shoved it under a pillow and it became really muted. After giving birth and seeing this precious human being that you and your significant other created, this small child that grew from this tiny iguana looking thing (that's what we called him in the first ultra sound lol) into a baby. Then watching him take things in and they come in and just altar your whole life, you look into their eyes and know that things will never be the same and you love it. I knew just after a week or two of having him that there was no way that I wouldn't have another child.

   My life may have been turned upside down from other things that have happened, even before he was born and I may need to get my butt in gear more now from trying to keep up with the baby and his schedule, but it is so more than worth it and I wouldn't have it any other way. I love my little sunshine baby!

Blessings and Namaste

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Andrew Within 2-6 Months

 I know I haven't written in a long time, usually when I get free time for myself I am either cleaning or relaxing in some way or another same thing has happened for my youtube channel. I finally made another video for my son so I figured I would post it on here as well for my blogger buddies to see as well. I really enjoyed making this...

He will be 6 months on the 16th! I can't believe he is almost half a year old already!
The music does not belong to me
First song is Boats and Birds by Gregory and the Hawk
and the second is from the CD Lullabies for Little Dreamers and called Schubert's Lullaby

Monday, March 26, 2012

D is for Dreams

   I am trying to catch myself up on the Pagan Blog Project so I am going to do dreams as my first D. I am not really all that aware of the meaning of dreams, but I wanted to talk about a few experiences I have had relating to them.

   Firstly, almost every single one of my dreams have some form of water in it. Usually it is flooding of some sort and usually from the ocean. I am not really sure what water in dreams means exactly except maybe rebirth, but I have been having water in my dreams for some where near 2 years, but it is never really a frightening experience. There was one time rather recently that I had a dream that I was trying to catch up to my baby who was floating along big waves, but yet some how at the same time I knew it wasn't my baby, it was a doll so I wasn't very frightened.

   There has been a couple times where I have seen some thing in a dream and then later on in life I see it some where, but more often then any thing I get a deja vu feeling that I have seen "this moment" before in a dream, the feelings and what I am seeing are so familiar and I just some times know that I have visited that very moment in a dream at some point.

   I was really good at keeping a dream journal for a while and it actually helped so much with remembering dreams. If you are interested in remembering your dreams, I really suggest getting a journal to write down your dreams as soon as you awake. You'll be amazed at how much you remember even as you are writing down your dreams. You start to remember the "flavor" of the dream, the colors, the symbols, the atmosphere.

   I know this wasn't very informative for those seeking to learn, but if any one has any imput on what they believe water in dreams means, that would be awesome!


Sunday, March 25, 2012

Just an Update

   I know it has been kind of a while since I have updated and I haven't been really active lately. I have been having a hard time fitting every thing in a day with the baby and every thing, though I do have my free time I usually use it on some thing else which I need to start balancing things out a little better. I also plan on trying to catch up on the Pagan Blog Project before I get way too behind.

   We got pictures taken of our little baby Andrew and the photographer told us to get in for a couple pictures too, they turned out so nice! So here are just a few... (Phileo Photography: fb / website)

 I believe she puts this hat on for all her newborn photo shoots, so cute!

There are a lot more, but we are waiting for them all to  come in. ALSO I can't believe how strong our boy is! First of all he has been trying to hold his head up since the day that he was born, but he also already has rolled over a couple times and he holds his head up mostly on his own and he can hold himself up while he is on his tummy with his head and chest off the ground! He is only 5 weeks old! We went to his 1 month check up the other day and he rolled over and held his head and chest up and the pediatrician was amazed, she kept saying he shouldn't be able to do that stuff yet and that he should be just starting to try to hold his head up. Both my husband and I think that our brother (my bro-in-law) who passed away, which he is named after, helped him grow nice and strong. We think he help lend some energy in his growth. That's just what we believe though.

   I am really excited too, because my Grandmother-in-law (Gramma) and I are going to start learning more about the Native American believes and history. So I think it will be fun, since I haven't really been able to study or practice with any one yet and I think it is a lot more motivating when you have some one there that you can talk to and learn with.

   Also I am thinking about starting my own little cupcake business, I have so many fun ideas and some recipes that I thought up that would be really cool! So we will see how that works out!



Thursday, March 1, 2012

Baby Andrew

   Sorry this blog is so detailed and long. I wanted to type this out mostly for the memory and wanted to type it out in as much detail as I could so I could get this printed out and every thing next time I am around a printer! I had already written it out in a little book that I had started writing in for my future baby even before I got prego with baby Andrew, but I want it typed out too.

   My son Andrew was born on Thursday, February 16th, 2012 at 4:20 PM (he's 2 weeks today, YAY!). On the 15th of Feb I had an appointment with my OB where my Dr checked to see if I was dilated at all. I was dilated 1.5 in and effaced 70 percent. So my doctor decided to help move things along by scraping, which I freaked out a little bit when she said she was going to. Well that day I hung out with my mom, we went and got Starbucks and then pedicures which I am not much of a fan of. My feet are the most ticklish spot on my body! Then we went out for some Subway. I was having some cramping in my back and thought it was normal because I had been having back pains off and on through out pregnancy any ways and it was getting worse from trying to get comfy while sleeping.

   So the next morning I woke up around 2 from some back pains and I kept trying to roll around and get comfortable which I couldn't, so I decided to get up and get on my computer for a while and eat a bowl of cereal because I was hungry. I didn't think any thing of it, because this happened usually at least once a week towards the end of my pregnancy. So I decided to stay up until 4:30 am, because that is what time my husband gets up for work when he is on day shift any ways and I always get up and make his lunch for work. I was having some some - what bad back pains and I was starting to wonder if they were contractions, but I didn't think they were because it didn't seem like my tummy was contracting and I read and was told that your tummy gets really tight during one and I didn't ever notice it getting tighter, plus it is some what hard to tell because my tummy isn't completely tight because I lost so much weight so quick before and had never completely toned it up so I am not sure if that contributed to that or not.

   ANY WAYS, So I told my husband that I THINK that I was having contractions. I started counting them and they were lasting about 29-32 seconds every 5 or 6 minutes by the time I started counting. I had a really hard time keeping track at first. So I called my mom and text my mother-in-law and my mom didn't answer so I text her. After a while the back pains were hurting quite a bit more so I called my mom again and she answered so I let her know what was going on. My husband decided on going to work because we weren't for sure that I was having contractions.

   Well after he left they REALLY started to ramp up and they started to come every 4 minutes lasting between 35- 45 seconds. My mother-in-law decided she would come over and while I waited I took a shower. She convinced my husband to come back home, when he was already about 40 minutes out, but she thought for sure that it was the real thing. So when she got here the pain was pretty bad and she said they wanted to take me to the hospital and I was like, Already!? I told her I wanted to wait for my husband to get home first, so we waited for him which he was only about 15 minutes away from home at that point, so it wasn't much of a wait at all. I called up my mom and let her know that we were heading to the hospital and I let my step mom and dad know as well.

   So on the way to the hospital alone, which is only 10-12 minutes away from our house, I had 5 contractions (one was in the parking lot). I answered a few questions at the front desk because my info hadn't gone through yet, because it was scheduled to on the 21st, because that is what I put my due date as since that was my original due date. After my husband parked his car and came in they took me and my mother-in-law up to the baby/ birthing area. So I go in to a little room and my mom just makes it and comes in. I was dilated at a 3 and 100 percent effaced. So she said that they needed me to walk around a little bit and try to at least get to a 4 before they take me back to the room I would give birth in. So my mom, mother-in-law, her boyfriend, my husband, and I all went walking around in the hospital and soon were joined by my grandmother-in-law (I call her Gramma) and my grandfather-in-law (Grampa) all the while I could barely stand the pain (I'm a total wimp). When some one would say some thing to me during a contraction or try to touch me, besides my husband, I would get really irritated.

   After 15- 20 minutes we went back to the area with the little room and she said we were just on time and so she checked me again and I was at a 4, so they brought me to the room where I would give birth. I decided that I wanted to get an epidural. I know a lot of people are against it, but I was hurting bad and I already knew I wanted one from the beginning and hey, this is my pregnancy, my body, and my choice. So they had a guy come in and I had a nurse and my mom with me. I was having a hard time getting over the pain and as I was sitting and waiting for the epidural I was really scared of how much it would hurt and if I would jump and hurt myself a bunch if I had a contraction while they were putting in the needle. The nurse was so amazing. As I was sitting there in pain and trying really hard to keep it together and hold still while the guy was doing my epidural, the nurse was holding me and she had her forehead against mine and trying to guide me through the pain. She made it so much easier for me and she was just amazing. I feel so lucky to have had some one like that helping me through that stage.

   The funny thing is that I had no idea that the guy was actually doing the epidural. He told me he was doing a shot which hurt a tiny bit and I thought he was just taking a long time on the shot, but after a while I felt some thing being pushed through my back which was slightly uncomfortable, but it wasn't bad at all. As soon as it was done I didn't even feel the contractions at all any more. I didn't even know I was having them, it was fabulous!

   So, now we just played the waiting game. I turned on the new Pirates, On Stranger Tides, and then when that was done I put on Tangled which we ended up putting those both on many many times through out our stay at the hospital. Unfortunately not much after I had gotten my epidural my nurse had to switch out with another and she was pretty nice too, though I was a little bummed that the other one wasn't going to be my nurse any more, because I kind of felt bonded to her after the way she helped me. So I kept getting checked and I was at a 5, but my water was bulging. The Dr said she would come in and pop it around 12:30 pm, well that came and went and the dr still didn't come and after a while they couldn't feel how dilated I was because of my water so bulged and in the way. Eventually it got to 4 pm and the dr I guess was literally coming up and my water broke on it's own. Which I was kinda glad that I was able to experience it naturally.

   The nurses had me start pushing before the Dr was even in, but not too long before. So the doctor came in and I was surprised I could feel a lot of what was going on at this point, but it wasn't that bad, just kind of weird and a little painful. I only pushed for about 20 minutes and he was born! They were all so surprised that for a first timer that it was so short. I am glad it was! It's funny because I had no idea that I was even close and then there comes plopping baby Andrew onto my chest! I had a 2 degree rip and man did I feel those stitches being put in, but it was SO worth it! We were the first to give birth there for that day!

   Also I just wanted to put down little funny stories that happened since he was born...

   While we were still in the hospital my nurse had brought me a cookie and a little bowl of strawberry sorbet. So I decided to eat it. My mother-in-law, Gramma, and Grampa were there and so were my aunt, and 2 of her daughters. My mother-in-law was helping my husband change my sons diaper and he started peeing. Well he was peeing on my husband and he moved out of the way and the fountain of pee went straight into my strawberry sorbet. Then the other day some one picked up Andrew and he threw his binki and it landed right into my drink. He's got some good aim!

   Also I had some fun ideas to do for him as he grows up. I want to put together slide shows with pictures through out that year with a story that talks about things that happened during that year of his life and then he can have all those to look back on as he grows up.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Baby ~ Crystals ~ Etc ~ Update

PS: Happy VDAY!
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C is for Color Magic

   Well I could lie and say I have been super busy and that is why this blog is so late, but it wouldn't be true. Really I am just waiting for our baby boy to hurry up and be here! In all honesty I just haven't had the motivation, but today I am making myself sit down and get this blog done!

C is for Color Magic!

   Today I am going to talk about the different things that the colors represent, whether it be using a candle for a spell or a stone, or a flower. Most colors of these items and their representations usually line up with the color meanings. Each day even has it's own color representation and some like to dress accordingly to get the most of it's meaning drawn into their lives!

☼ Black: banishing, repel negativity, divination, protection, or a substitution for other colors

~ Blues: intellect, healing, wisdom, communication, calmness, cleansing, creativity, the sky, peace, throat chakra, water

☼ Browns: earth, responsibility, nature, animals

~ Green: earth, green man, healing, fertility, abundance, beginning anew, growth, plant magic, spring, heart chakra, money

☼ Orange: opportunities, justice, sacrum chakra, ambitions, goals, legal matters

~ Pink: love, nurturing, friendship, affection, harmony, heart chakra, emotional healing, caring

☼ Purples: 3rd eye chakra, spirituality, intuition, dreams, intellect, peace, crown chakra, psychic abilities, hidden knowledge

~ Red: passion, fire, courage, pride, survival, root chakra, summer, strength, lust, 

☼ Yellows: prosperity, memory, healing, sun, self-esteem, light, beauty, goodness, solar plexus, god, element of air

~ White: moon, crown chakra, goddess, purity, health, rebirth, spirituality, higher self, element of spirit, or a substitution for other colors

This is just a short list of color correspondences, as always do what feels RIGHT to YOU.

Much love

Thursday, February 2, 2012

C is for Cleansing!

C is for Cleansing!

   For the first week of C’s in the Pagan Blog Project, I decided to talk about the different ways you can cleanse your house, items, or what ever you choose!

   The most popular way to cleanse and can be used on pretty much any thing, is cleansing with different kinds of incense smoke, a lot of the times being sage, but I have heard of people using other kinds as well. You just pass an item through the smoke how ever many times feels right to you or for cleansing a house go along the outline of your house widdershins, for banishing. Make sure you have plenty of ventilation as some incense can be rather harmful in confined spaces!

   Sage bundle (or which other herb bundle you choose/ feels right) used the same way as incense and some times fanned with a feather and is usually carried or placed in an abalone shell.

   You can cleanse by passing some thing over a candle or through a flame quickly, but be careful! I wouldn’t recommend sticking your hand in a fire or any thing (obviously), and also be sure you know if the item is okay to pass through a fire quickly.

   You can burry the item you are cleansing in the earth (be sure to mark where you burry it!) or you can burry it in a pot of soil and even salt over night or how ever long feels right to you.

   Running water is another way to cleanse items. Just hold the item in the water and “see” them being cleansed.

    Setting the item(s) under the moon is not only cleansing, but empowering, full moon especially! It helps open up energies and same goes with keeping items in the sun.

   When you breathe on the item or blow on the item it puts your energy in it and also cleanses.

   Bells and musical vibrations also are very cleansing and a great, safe way to get rid of those nasty energies. You can go around the house ringing the bell in each corner, make sure to have windows at least cracked for this, so the stagnant/ negative energies have some where to flee!

   As always, use any of these methods at your own discretion and BE CAREFUL! Before burning any thing, make sure you know whether it is harmful to breathe. Also when using any of these methods, make sure the item you are cleansing won’t get ruined. For Example… some stones don’t tolerate salt and some don’t tolerate water and some fade in the sun, obviously you wouldn’t want to put your tarot cards in water, or some thing wood through a fire, etc.


Friday, January 27, 2012

B is for Book of Mirrors/ Shadows

B is for Book of Mirrors (BOM) and Book of Shadows (BOS)

   For the second week on the letter B I am going to talk about the Book of Mirrors and Book of Shadows. The Book of Mirrors is usually used as a journal type, or a place to take notes, though it can be used as any thing you'd like really! Some choose to combine their Book of Mirrors and Book of Shadows into one. For me I have a cute little book I had lying around that is full of information about Gods, Goddesses, plants, colors, stones, etc. It is mostly basic stuff since it was all when I started out in the very beginning. Now I have one that is just a red spiral bound notebook that I keep that is almost filled up. It doesn't have to be any thing fancy, it is all what you choose to make it. I have seen some that are absolutely gorgeous and some that are super basic like mine, some home made and some bought.

 My first BOM

My Second BOM
   If I had a printer or could draw worth a darn it would look a lot more pretty!

   As for the book of shadows, this is usually where you write out your spells and write out what you used, when you did it, what phase the moon was in, what sign the sun/ moon was in, time, colors, intent, etc. I actually made my own BOS by using cardboard, extra cloth I had lying around, glue, ribbon, and computer paper where I just hand sewed it all together and glued some things for extra sturdiness. It turned out a little sloppy, but it was made by me and I love it all the more for it. I actually haven't written much in it yet though and one day I plan on making sections and combining all my BOM and BOS together in this book. That way I can just flip to a tab on gemstones, or deities, or a spell that I would like to use and it is all in one handy book. I actually tried typing up my BOM and putting it in different sections and I had a lot of work done, but I was using an old computer with all my stories, pictures, files and what not on it and I planned on printing it out at my fam's house, but it ended up crashing while I was in the middle of updating my BOM. I was really upset, but then again... they do say that when you write it out with your own hand it commits to memory better, plus it is a lot more personalized I suppose.

My Home-Made BOS

   Bright Blessings!

Friday, January 20, 2012

B is for Blue!

B is for Blue in

   So originally I was planning on doing birth and babies this week, but I decided since I have not yet given birth myself (though any day now!) that I couldn't put quite the right touch to the blog. So I decided to do some thing simple at the last second and go with the color blue and it's correspondences!

   Blue, as I am sure most know, is associated with the element of water. Water is a very magical element, from the water we drink to the vast oceans to the cool rain that lightly falls on our faces. I remember reading in a fantasy book once, though I cannot remember which unfortunately, but they recognized a big wave of the ocean washing over you as being blessed by the goddess and I feel like that is a good way to cleanse yourself. Not that a lot of people can just go out every day and be swallowed up by a wave, I know I can't, living in the desert and all! When you get the chance though and obviously can be safe about it, try it out yourself!

   Things that the color blue represents: healing, communication, calmness, cleansing, creativity, the sky, peace
You can use blue candles for these correspondences as well.

Chakra(s): Throat

Some Different blue stones: Blue quartz, dyed blue howlite, sodalite, angelite, lapis lazuli, blue lace agate, blue beryl, celestite, chrysocolla (can range from greens to blues, same with drusy chrysocolla), blue kyanite, blue topaz, blue saphire, turquoise (ranges from greens to blues), and many, many more!

Dyed quartz


Monday, January 16, 2012

Baby Shower and big Andrew's Birthday

   So we had our baby shower on Sat, Jan 14th and it was a lot of fun. My husband and I decided we wanted to do a coed baby shower and it made it awesome for both of us. A lot of people showed up, though I thought more family would, though I am not really surprised. I hardly ever see my dad's side and the only one who showed up was his parents; my granny and grandad. My dad and step mom wouldn't even show up. They pretty much declined as soon as invitations were set out and I am not surprised at that either. Oh well, what ever.

   The party was awesome and we got so many great things that are going to help out so much with our little baby boy. Some things we got that I absolutely LOVE was a blanket made by my Nana (Mom's mom) and a quilt made by my Granny (Dad's mom). Things like that are so precious to me, because they were hand made with care and they are things that can last a life time and I love that our little boy is going to have these blankets as memories of two of his great grandmothers.

   My mom and mother-in-law did a lot of work to get the party together and my sister-in-law got us such an awesome cake and made her own really cool cupcakes which she was really upset about because the cake got a little messed up and then my father-in-law made the cupcakes roll in their container and it ruined some of them. I told her not to worry about it though and they were still super awesome! We joked the whole night about the cake going through a cannon fight on its way over here.

My husband and i cutting the baby cake!

      Also today is my brother-in-law, who passed aways 21st birthday. So today we are going to celebrate his life. We were supposed to go to Vegas (well maybe not me, being this prego) for his birthday this year. Man, do we miss him, but we know he is doing good where he is and we know he comes and sees us all the time. I just wish he was here to hold and know his nephew. He was so excited to meet him.

Friday, January 13, 2012

A is for Artemis

I knew very little about Artemis before doing this, so please bare with me if any of my info is incorrect, this is just what I have gathered over the past few days.

~Greek Goddess of the moon Artemis~
It is likely that her name is derived from the Greek word ├írktos, meaning ‘bear’

Roman equivalent is Diana.
Celtic Equivalent is Artio
Said to be the child of Zeus and Leto and not only the twin of Apollo, but the mid-wife for his birth.

Artemis is known as a fierce hunter and protector, the goddess of the night, protector of children, fruitfulness, childbirth, lady of the wild beasts and birds, the woodland and wilderness, marshes, lakes, the embodiment of the moon, and the eternal virgin, she is also a goddess of plague.

Call on her for Judgment, healing, temperance, music, transformation, natural law, psychic abilities, action, growth, passion, creativity, hunting and game, successful deliveries, and health.

She often was represented as a huntress carrying a golden bow and arrows and as a Goddess with a crescent moon on her forehead and some times identified with Selene, who is also a Greek moon Goddess, and her chariot being drawn by four golden horned dear.

Pan gave Artemis many hunting dogs and she always chose to hunt with 7. She also asked her father Zeus for 20 nymphai as handmaidens to bring along to tend to her shoes and her hounds.

Deer, bear, boar, guinea fowl, palm, cypress, amaranth, walnut tree, almond, cedar, honey, mugwort, willow, amethyst, moonstone, pearl and asphodel are sacred to her

She was said to be very possessive and would punish any one who went against her will, especially if it was against any of her sacred animals. She is also very protective of her virginity and would severely punish any one who would disrespect it.


Photos found on google

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I've Been Tagged!

I don't usually do these, but I thought it would be a fun way to get to know more people around here since I am still pretty new to the blogging community. For all those I tagged, feel free to do this or not, your choice of course! c:


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11 random things about me:
1) I am 22 years
2) I am still pretty new to paganism, between 2-3 years studying
3) I like video games.
4) I've got 7 piercings, labret, nose, and 3 in the ears
5) I've got 3 tattoos, a patchwork heart, a heart design on my ankle, and a tree that takes up over half my back
6) I'm a Leo and I never felt like I had the qualities of a Leo, except now they seem to be creeping up more.
7) I've been with the same guy for 7 years in May and we will have been married 2 in June
8) I love art of all forms
9) I love to sing though I am probably horrid at it.
10) My natural hair color is an auburny-copper color
11) I have 16 siblings: 1 older full blood brother, 7 younger half siblings, 4 step siblings, and 4 in-law siblings.
 11 Q's for me to answer from Kourtney

1) If you could transport yourself into any book, which one would it be and why? 
      -Probably a book like In Camelot's Shadow, I love the medieval era.
2) What did you want to be when you grew up?
      -The VERY first thing I wanted to be I think was a singer, I wanted to be a marine biologist in my jr high years, a photographer in my highschool to now years, and I always loved writing my own stories since I was little and still would love to do that for a living.
3) If you could go anywhere, this world or beyond, where would it be and why?
     -Norway, it is absolutely beautiful and I love it's history. Same with Ireland.
4) What decade or era do you think you belong in and why?
     -Medieval, because I always have had an obsession with that time period and before I was obsessed with that, I loved Ancient Egypt, but I don't think I would like living there.
5) Who inspires you in life and how?
     -My baby in my belly and my husband. My dogs inspire me to be more loving.
6) What is your greatest accomplishment? 
     -Losing 110 pounds and becoming a spokesperson for the diet I went on.
7) What is your most prized possession, holds the most memories or means the most to you?
     -I really value some of my books, my wedding ring and engagement ring are probably my most valued though, because they mean so much to me. Not because they are jewelry and expensive, but because of what they represent and that they are a precious gift of love and promise from my husband.
8) Do you have a favorite quote or mantra? What is it? 
     -Live and let live, because I am surrounded so much by people and family that just are very closed minded.
9) What is your favorite movie?
     -Beauty and the Beast and Ever After, I know... I'm a nerd, but I don't care!
10) What is your favorite mythical, fantasy type creature (i.e. vampires, unicorns, etc)
     -Probably hippogryphs, thanks to world of warcraft, lol!
11) If you had to debate one or the other... would it be politics or religion? 
     -I don't know much about politics, so probably religion. I enjoy debating religion as long as all are open minded when it comes to it, I like to hear other people's views and stuff on the matter.


My 11 Q's to those I tag...
(I really suck at these lol)

1) What is your favorite animal?
2) Do you have a totem animal, if so, what are they?
3) What is your favorite stone(s) to work with?
4) What are your favorite plant(s) to work with?
5) Do you have any patron deities? If so, who?
6) What is your favorite holiday?
7) What is your favorite fantasy book(s) or movie(s)?
8) What is your favorite pagan related book(s) or movie(s)?
9) What is your favorite number?
10) Do you prefer to work with a certain number?
11) How many pet's do you have? What are they?


Who I tagged, if you wish to participate:

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Thank You/ Update

   So I just wanted to thank you to all who have come and followed my blog as of recent. I think I gained most of you from the Pagan Blog Project, which is awesome! I've added a bunch too and I love reading every one's posts!

   On another note, last night I thought I was going into labor because I was having some really weird pains, but turns out I wasn't, which I was some what hoping I would be, but I still need to let the baby grow some more since I am at 34 weeks. I am not a very pain tolerant person so I am a little nervous, but at the same time I just can't wait for him to be here and I am not the most patient person! Our baby shower is this Saturday, so I am super excited for that! We have, for the most part, the big necessities now or on their way so that is a good thing!

   Oh... also I am a bit sad, because I had a little velvet pouch with stones in it and it seemed to just disappeared and it's been over a week since I've seen it. I know that stones some times move on if they have finished their purpose with you, but a whole bag of 7 stones and my first and only pendulum? So that makes me a little sad. I don't have many stones and some of them were the only ones I had of their kind. It was a bag with ametrine, my amethyst, blue quartz, my only citrine, my only clear quartz, a rose quartz, my favorite smokey quartz, and my amethyst pendulum. I've looked absolutely every where for it and I stopped looking finally and just hope that it turns up some where. I go crazy when I lose things! I usually wont stop looking until I found it. The sad thing is that I was carrying the pouch around with me while I was looking for my magnetite and since we just moved I was looking through a bunch of boxes and bags all over the place. Hopefully I can find them soon, if they will it!


PS, I started an account on pintrest and I'm ADDICTED!

Friday, January 6, 2012

A is for Affirmation


 Day 1 of The Pagan Blog Project


   I have a little jar full of folded up tabs of paper with affirmations on it. I like to pull out one of these affirmations and read it out loud to myself. Affirmations are used to help you change your thought process usually towards yourself. Writing down a couple different things such as:

I am a smart person
I am extremely loving
I am strong
I am very caring
I am one with nature

   You can pull out an affirmation daily or as often as you please and say these words to yourself over and over, however many times you choose. You can meditate on the words that you have chosen and see yourself as this person. Use any words you like as long as they are all positive words and do not include any negative, which would cancel out the positive.


Short Post

   I know this is a super short post, but we are planning out the baby shower  today! Yay, I can't wait! So far we have gotten a lot of main essentials that we need and I am actually kind of surprised by that since we are kind of last second people at times, which is not a great quality! lol We are going to plan out some fun games with fun prizes and do a diaper raffle where people bring in bags of diapers and each pack earns you one entry into a drawing where we will draw a name for a prize.

   Also I have been working on a scrapbook for the baby, I have never really scrapbooked before so I am still learning, but I think it is turning out nicely so far!

Yeeeah I couldn't line up the letters straight for the life of me.

Yeah, I'm pretty bad with lining things up, but I think it looks good any ways.


Thursday, January 5, 2012


   So I didn't realize that the book Inner Temple of Witchcraft was a helpful guide to a year and a day, maybe I did when I bought it, but just forgot about it since then. I am still planning on reading it through of course, but I probably will take just a little more time with it since it has a lot of exercises and every thing. So far I am really enjoying the book and one of the meditation exercises really worked well for me. I have never been the greatest when it comes to meditation. I can always get it going and every thing, I can see things, but I never seem to get in the right "state" if that makes sense, but this one really helped me get into the right place I think.

   I know Silver RavenWolf is a writer that a lot of people don't like, but I think I am going to reread her To Ride a Silver Broomstick again while I am taking my time on the Temple of Witchcraft. That was one of the very first books I read when I started out and I really enjoyed that one, so I figured, why not? I planned on reading it again eventually any ways and thought now would be a good time.

Hope you all are having a great week!


Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Years

Happy New Years to all!
My hope for this new year is to be a good mommy, lighten up a little, fit back into my old jeans I wore before being pregnant, and to live a more magickal life! I want to study more, but also be more active. I would like to grow more plants and try to get them to live through our hot summers! Then I want to challenge myself to go as far as I can with these two reading challenges. OH! I would also like to figure out how to put these as buttons on the side instead of posting them in my blog every time haha.



2012 Pagan Reading Challenge  by The Domestic Pagan

I think the first book I hope to finish is The Inner Temple of Witchcraft by Christopher Penczak

Another book I am working on that has witches in it along with vampires, werewolves, and vampire hunters, but is fiction, is the Night World series. I am on the 3rd book which appears there are 4 instead of the 3 I thought there were. This collection is written by the same author of Vampire Diaries.

Night World No. 3: Huntress, Black Dawn, Witchlight