Thursday, January 5, 2012


   So I didn't realize that the book Inner Temple of Witchcraft was a helpful guide to a year and a day, maybe I did when I bought it, but just forgot about it since then. I am still planning on reading it through of course, but I probably will take just a little more time with it since it has a lot of exercises and every thing. So far I am really enjoying the book and one of the meditation exercises really worked well for me. I have never been the greatest when it comes to meditation. I can always get it going and every thing, I can see things, but I never seem to get in the right "state" if that makes sense, but this one really helped me get into the right place I think.

   I know Silver RavenWolf is a writer that a lot of people don't like, but I think I am going to reread her To Ride a Silver Broomstick again while I am taking my time on the Temple of Witchcraft. That was one of the very first books I read when I started out and I really enjoyed that one, so I figured, why not? I planned on reading it again eventually any ways and thought now would be a good time.

Hope you all are having a great week!



  1. I also really enjoyed reading *To ride a silver broomstick*, contrary to opinions of others. i say you read what makes you feel comfortable with yourself, and discard that which doesn't.

    BB xxx

  2. Totally agree! I loved that book, but it could have been because it was my first, I still go back to the book often.