Friday, January 13, 2012

A is for Artemis

I knew very little about Artemis before doing this, so please bare with me if any of my info is incorrect, this is just what I have gathered over the past few days.

~Greek Goddess of the moon Artemis~
It is likely that her name is derived from the Greek word ├írktos, meaning ‘bear’

Roman equivalent is Diana.
Celtic Equivalent is Artio
Said to be the child of Zeus and Leto and not only the twin of Apollo, but the mid-wife for his birth.

Artemis is known as a fierce hunter and protector, the goddess of the night, protector of children, fruitfulness, childbirth, lady of the wild beasts and birds, the woodland and wilderness, marshes, lakes, the embodiment of the moon, and the eternal virgin, she is also a goddess of plague.

Call on her for Judgment, healing, temperance, music, transformation, natural law, psychic abilities, action, growth, passion, creativity, hunting and game, successful deliveries, and health.

She often was represented as a huntress carrying a golden bow and arrows and as a Goddess with a crescent moon on her forehead and some times identified with Selene, who is also a Greek moon Goddess, and her chariot being drawn by four golden horned dear.

Pan gave Artemis many hunting dogs and she always chose to hunt with 7. She also asked her father Zeus for 20 nymphai as handmaidens to bring along to tend to her shoes and her hounds.

Deer, bear, boar, guinea fowl, palm, cypress, amaranth, walnut tree, almond, cedar, honey, mugwort, willow, amethyst, moonstone, pearl and asphodel are sacred to her

She was said to be very possessive and would punish any one who went against her will, especially if it was against any of her sacred animals. She is also very protective of her virginity and would severely punish any one who would disrespect it.


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