Friday, January 6, 2012

A is for Affirmation


 Day 1 of The Pagan Blog Project


   I have a little jar full of folded up tabs of paper with affirmations on it. I like to pull out one of these affirmations and read it out loud to myself. Affirmations are used to help you change your thought process usually towards yourself. Writing down a couple different things such as:

I am a smart person
I am extremely loving
I am strong
I am very caring
I am one with nature

   You can pull out an affirmation daily or as often as you please and say these words to yourself over and over, however many times you choose. You can meditate on the words that you have chosen and see yourself as this person. Use any words you like as long as they are all positive words and do not include any negative, which would cancel out the positive.



  1. That is a wonderful idea. I think I may have to do that! Thank you for sharing this!

  2. Wonderful idea! I used to scoff at affirmations until I actually used them and found out how powerful they are; they are an excellent tool!What we speak, we manifest.

  3. I love the affirmation in a jar concept... I may need to implement that!


  4. I use affirmations daily. Love the Jar idea; may have to start one for myself.

  5. Thank you all! I had started them out in a cute little daiquiri glass, but once we moved I changed it to the jar so I didn't lose them and I just ended up keeping them in there because it is easier. I want to get a little wooden box or some thing to put them in at some point.

  6. What a neat and positive idea! I LOVE it!!!! :)