Sunday, August 7, 2011

A Helpful Reading.

   This morning I read 2 stories that were written to my mom about our dog Petunia Mae. One of them was beautiful and happy and the other was equally as beautiful, but the way it was put upset me a little, now I am sure this wasn't on purpose and it really helped build the story, but it had just made me a little sad, besides the feeling of sadness already there from losing a precious friend.

   So I went to go try to lie down and get a little more sleep, because it was still a little early in the morning, but I just couldn't sleep because I felt too upset. So I started a cup of coffee up and decided to read a book that I haven't read in nearly a year. I started reading this book in about September of last year I would say and they have little sections for daily reading, so I would read that day's section every day. This book is called Simple Abundance A Daybook of Comfort and Joy, by Sarah Ban Breathnach. My Nana had given me this book last year and I had read it up until October and then I stopped reading it for some reason.

   Any ways, so the point of this is that  I picked up the book again to read today, after almost a year and today's section (August 7th) really surprised me. It was about your four legged companions and how they have such a great impact on our lives and about a cat she had lost. Reading this section really helped me feel a lot better. It's funny all the little coincidences like this that happen in life, it really makes you wonder, are these really a coincidence or is there some one helping us find the answers we need for comfort in life?