Friday, January 6, 2012

Short Post

   I know this is a super short post, but we are planning out the baby shower  today! Yay, I can't wait! So far we have gotten a lot of main essentials that we need and I am actually kind of surprised by that since we are kind of last second people at times, which is not a great quality! lol We are going to plan out some fun games with fun prizes and do a diaper raffle where people bring in bags of diapers and each pack earns you one entry into a drawing where we will draw a name for a prize.

   Also I have been working on a scrapbook for the baby, I have never really scrapbooked before so I am still learning, but I think it is turning out nicely so far!

Yeeeah I couldn't line up the letters straight for the life of me.

Yeah, I'm pretty bad with lining things up, but I think it looks good any ways.


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