Friday, January 27, 2012

B is for Book of Mirrors/ Shadows

B is for Book of Mirrors (BOM) and Book of Shadows (BOS)

   For the second week on the letter B I am going to talk about the Book of Mirrors and Book of Shadows. The Book of Mirrors is usually used as a journal type, or a place to take notes, though it can be used as any thing you'd like really! Some choose to combine their Book of Mirrors and Book of Shadows into one. For me I have a cute little book I had lying around that is full of information about Gods, Goddesses, plants, colors, stones, etc. It is mostly basic stuff since it was all when I started out in the very beginning. Now I have one that is just a red spiral bound notebook that I keep that is almost filled up. It doesn't have to be any thing fancy, it is all what you choose to make it. I have seen some that are absolutely gorgeous and some that are super basic like mine, some home made and some bought.

 My first BOM

My Second BOM
   If I had a printer or could draw worth a darn it would look a lot more pretty!

   As for the book of shadows, this is usually where you write out your spells and write out what you used, when you did it, what phase the moon was in, what sign the sun/ moon was in, time, colors, intent, etc. I actually made my own BOS by using cardboard, extra cloth I had lying around, glue, ribbon, and computer paper where I just hand sewed it all together and glued some things for extra sturdiness. It turned out a little sloppy, but it was made by me and I love it all the more for it. I actually haven't written much in it yet though and one day I plan on making sections and combining all my BOM and BOS together in this book. That way I can just flip to a tab on gemstones, or deities, or a spell that I would like to use and it is all in one handy book. I actually tried typing up my BOM and putting it in different sections and I had a lot of work done, but I was using an old computer with all my stories, pictures, files and what not on it and I planned on printing it out at my fam's house, but it ended up crashing while I was in the middle of updating my BOM. I was really upset, but then again... they do say that when you write it out with your own hand it commits to memory better, plus it is a lot more personalized I suppose.

My Home-Made BOS

   Bright Blessings!


  1. Funny, I didn't know that the little notebooks I keep are called Book of Mirrors; now I have a nice new name for them, thanks!
    I always write my BoS per hand and in pencil (for some reason I can't fathom); it really is more personalised that way.

  2. Yeah, I always want to write my BOS in pencil too that way I can edit any mistakes, but I am always so scared it's going to end up rubbing off over time and then I'd lose the information. I guess when I am done though, I could always go back over it in pen!

  3. I've actually been keeping all the info you put into your BOM in my BOS. I'd never even thought of keeping that separate. My separate book is my dream journal, that also contains all my random musings.

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