Thursday, February 2, 2012

C is for Cleansing!

C is for Cleansing!

   For the first week of C’s in the Pagan Blog Project, I decided to talk about the different ways you can cleanse your house, items, or what ever you choose!

   The most popular way to cleanse and can be used on pretty much any thing, is cleansing with different kinds of incense smoke, a lot of the times being sage, but I have heard of people using other kinds as well. You just pass an item through the smoke how ever many times feels right to you or for cleansing a house go along the outline of your house widdershins, for banishing. Make sure you have plenty of ventilation as some incense can be rather harmful in confined spaces!

   Sage bundle (or which other herb bundle you choose/ feels right) used the same way as incense and some times fanned with a feather and is usually carried or placed in an abalone shell.

   You can cleanse by passing some thing over a candle or through a flame quickly, but be careful! I wouldn’t recommend sticking your hand in a fire or any thing (obviously), and also be sure you know if the item is okay to pass through a fire quickly.

   You can burry the item you are cleansing in the earth (be sure to mark where you burry it!) or you can burry it in a pot of soil and even salt over night or how ever long feels right to you.

   Running water is another way to cleanse items. Just hold the item in the water and “see” them being cleansed.

    Setting the item(s) under the moon is not only cleansing, but empowering, full moon especially! It helps open up energies and same goes with keeping items in the sun.

   When you breathe on the item or blow on the item it puts your energy in it and also cleanses.

   Bells and musical vibrations also are very cleansing and a great, safe way to get rid of those nasty energies. You can go around the house ringing the bell in each corner, make sure to have windows at least cracked for this, so the stagnant/ negative energies have some where to flee!

   As always, use any of these methods at your own discretion and BE CAREFUL! Before burning any thing, make sure you know whether it is harmful to breathe. Also when using any of these methods, make sure the item you are cleansing won’t get ruined. For Example… some stones don’t tolerate salt and some don’t tolerate water and some fade in the sun, obviously you wouldn’t want to put your tarot cards in water, or some thing wood through a fire, etc.



  1. Your view of a cleaning; that most think a chore,
    Can be fun, be profound and make it a Joy :)
    Thanx for Posting

  2. Thank you for more ideas on cleansing! :)

  3. Thanks for your lovely ideas on cleansing; I was only aware of the smoke and water ones. Next time, I'll try out sounds, as sounds generally work well with me.