Tuesday, February 14, 2012

C is for Color Magic

   Well I could lie and say I have been super busy and that is why this blog is so late, but it wouldn't be true. Really I am just waiting for our baby boy to hurry up and be here! In all honesty I just haven't had the motivation, but today I am making myself sit down and get this blog done!

C is for Color Magic!

   Today I am going to talk about the different things that the colors represent, whether it be using a candle for a spell or a stone, or a flower. Most colors of these items and their representations usually line up with the color meanings. Each day even has it's own color representation and some like to dress accordingly to get the most of it's meaning drawn into their lives!

☼ Black: banishing, repel negativity, divination, protection, or a substitution for other colors

~ Blues: intellect, healing, wisdom, communication, calmness, cleansing, creativity, the sky, peace, throat chakra, water

☼ Browns: earth, responsibility, nature, animals

~ Green: earth, green man, healing, fertility, abundance, beginning anew, growth, plant magic, spring, heart chakra, money

☼ Orange: opportunities, justice, sacrum chakra, ambitions, goals, legal matters

~ Pink: love, nurturing, friendship, affection, harmony, heart chakra, emotional healing, caring

☼ Purples: 3rd eye chakra, spirituality, intuition, dreams, intellect, peace, crown chakra, psychic abilities, hidden knowledge

~ Red: passion, fire, courage, pride, survival, root chakra, summer, strength, lust, 

☼ Yellows: prosperity, memory, healing, sun, self-esteem, light, beauty, goodness, solar plexus, god, element of air

~ White: moon, crown chakra, goddess, purity, health, rebirth, spirituality, higher self, element of spirit, or a substitution for other colors

This is just a short list of color correspondences, as always do what feels RIGHT to YOU.

Much love


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