Friday, September 14, 2012

Gods and Goddesses

   I have been trying to connect to a certain god and goddess for a while now, trying to find my matron and patron, but I have not ever been sure if they were speaking to me or not. There was one time that I really probably should have followed what I had been indirectly told in a dream I had once.

   In this dream I was with a devotee to Guanyin (the female version or at least I assume it was) a bunch of crazy stuff happened in the dream, though  I don't remember most of it now. Well in the end we asked Guanyin to help us defeat the challenge we had been up against and she did so the devotee decided to fast for one full day. I woke up and went about my day as normal and then not long later, I thought... was this a sign that I was supposed to fast for the day? It had been too late by then as I already had some things and I had also thought that I could be prego and didn't want to hurt the baby if I was. I haven't had a dream of Guanyin since.

   There was only one other dream I had that mention a deity that I recall and that was a really kind of screwed up dream and there was my mother-in-laws chihuahua severely hurt and some one asked me to call upon Bast for help, which is odd since she is a feline goddess.

   Any ways, since I just don't know how to take signs unless they are slapping me in the face, for now I will just work with THE 3 aspects of the God and the 3 of the Goddess, who are, to me, in the end the whole of all the many faces and names of all deities. I don't know if I worded that right, but I am sure you get what I meant.

Have a great day and a lovely weekend all!


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  1. I don't think it's neccessary to have to choose one god form and one goddess form. If it's Wicca you're into, then the God and Goddess are known by many names, many faces. Blessings )O(