Monday, March 26, 2012

D is for Dreams

   I am trying to catch myself up on the Pagan Blog Project so I am going to do dreams as my first D. I am not really all that aware of the meaning of dreams, but I wanted to talk about a few experiences I have had relating to them.

   Firstly, almost every single one of my dreams have some form of water in it. Usually it is flooding of some sort and usually from the ocean. I am not really sure what water in dreams means exactly except maybe rebirth, but I have been having water in my dreams for some where near 2 years, but it is never really a frightening experience. There was one time rather recently that I had a dream that I was trying to catch up to my baby who was floating along big waves, but yet some how at the same time I knew it wasn't my baby, it was a doll so I wasn't very frightened.

   There has been a couple times where I have seen some thing in a dream and then later on in life I see it some where, but more often then any thing I get a deja vu feeling that I have seen "this moment" before in a dream, the feelings and what I am seeing are so familiar and I just some times know that I have visited that very moment in a dream at some point.

   I was really good at keeping a dream journal for a while and it actually helped so much with remembering dreams. If you are interested in remembering your dreams, I really suggest getting a journal to write down your dreams as soon as you awake. You'll be amazed at how much you remember even as you are writing down your dreams. You start to remember the "flavor" of the dream, the colors, the symbols, the atmosphere.

   I know this wasn't very informative for those seeking to learn, but if any one has any imput on what they believe water in dreams means, that would be awesome!


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