Tuesday, June 7, 2011


   I am going with my husband and some of our friends and family to laser tag tomorrow for a celebration of my husband's birthday! His birthday is really the 12th, but since he has two days off and tomorrow is his first one we are going to go do that. He wanted to either go to a water park that was about an hour away or laser tag, which is probably also an hour away since we live not quite on the farm lands, but not quite in the main cities either, though this is really starting to build into one, which is kind of unfortunate for the fact of all the plants and everything that are getting ripped out and every thing.

   I have been reading the Natural Witchery book by Ellen Dugan and I really, really like it! I love her writing so far and right now she is my favorite, though I have only read two of her books. There is also another book I just ordered for my kindle tonight on hedge witchery and how to incorporate magic more in your every day life, people have given it really good ratings and it sounds like it will be really good.

Light and Blessings )O(

~Faeries Wheel☼

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