Sunday, June 12, 2011

A lot Going on!

   So today is my husband's 25th birthday! So we will being celebrating that again today!

 On another note, I took my third pregnancy test this morning and again got a positive, so I am thinking that yeah, I am pregnant! I am so excited we've been trying for about 4 months and every month I always thought I was so I got my hopes up. Then I did a tarot reading one night, the Celtic Cross and because I actually felt pregnant (I was experiencing unfamiliar aches) my question was, "Am I pregnant?" Well I got a lot of cards with number meanings. I used my little book that came with it since I am still learning those ones.

 One of the cards mentioned something about something taking 4 months to happen and then my 6th card which links to the outcome card was guardianship and then I had a card that said that I would have what I was working for now or within 2 weeks. My out come card though was the lady bug, which meant wish fulfilled and it said that the lady bug's adulthood life is any where from 9 months to a year and a half.

 So I talked to my mother-in-law who is really good at reading cards and told her what I had read, she told me to take a test in the morning and so I did and it was a positive, the sign was really light though so I wasn't sure if I was or not. I ended up going to the doctors to get my blood drawn, but it wont be in until tomorrow. So my mother-in-law told my sister-in-law, who is staying the weekend with us for fun, that since she owed her some money, to buy me one of the good preg. tests that actually say YES or NO or PREGNANT or NOT PREGNANT. So I took one yesterday during the day and it said Yes+ and then I took one this morning and it said Yes+. So I am thinking I am pregnant!

 Also today is my Nana and Papa's 50 year anniversary! So happy Anniversary to them!

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