Thursday, December 29, 2011

Been Away

   I have been away for a while because of some thing tragic that has happened in our family and quite frankly I had lost all motivation for a while. I am starting to accept the "new normal" and trying to keep moving forwards. Our baby boy is healthy and due to arrive soon so that has brought a lot of light in.

ANY WAYS I happened upon a link while I was on my new google+ page looking at some of the pages I followed and it brought me to The Domestic Pagan blog. I saw a challenge they are holding for next year and I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to get my butt back in gear! Here is the link if you are interested, should be fun!

I don't know how to set links to pictures on this site, but if you click the link under the picture it will take you there! I will probably read about 10 books I think the next year since I will be busy with my first child, I don't think I could guarantee much more than that, but I will try my best to get in as many books in as possible!

Also another fun reading challenge by Pagan-Culture!

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